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Examples Using Early Payoff Calculator

Below are examples of how to input the loan information and extra
payment information required to answer specific questions. After you view
the input screen you may press the Display Extra Pmt Needed button
or the Display Loan Schedule button to view the results.

Example 1:

I have a 7% loan with 240 months to run and a balance of $234,000. How much must my monthly payment be beginning immediately to pay off the balance in 180 months?

Example 1
Example 2:

I am taking out a new $200,000 loan at 7.75% loan for 30 years with payments starting in July. If I make an extra payment out of my bonus every December, how much must that payment be to pay off the loan in 15 years?

Example 2
Example 3:

I have a balance of $35,450 on my 9% loan, which has 12 years to go. If I increase my monthly payments beginning in 8 months, how much must they be to pay off in 4 years?

Example 3
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